Microsoft Office 2016 Public Preview Now Available


Microsoft Office Microsoft has today made available to the general public the preview of the upcoming Office 2016. Office 2016 has been available as a preview since March but access has been limited to developers. The new version of Office which Microsoft is extensively testing before it is eventually available alongside Windows 10 later in the year focuses on making Office truly cross-platform and cross-device.

Microsoft has in the recent past brought Office to platforms like Android and iOS and Office 16 will build on that as the company seeks to unify the Office experience across all platforms, mobile and desktop. Office became an instant hit on the Apple iPad and the Android preview for tablets is doing just fine.

Collaboration on documents using Office has so far been available under Office Online but with Office 2016, Microsoft is bringing that to the Office suite. Like Google has done with making it possible to integrate documents directly from Drive and Dropbox in Gmail, Office 2016 users will be able to attach documents straight from OneDrive from Outlook.

There are so many other new features that Office 2016 is bringing to the table like the smart applications that learn from you as you work in Office so if you’re the sort that are always ready to try out new things, you can grab the public preview from this link and see for yourself what Redmond is cooking. Note that if you are not a current subscriber of Office 365 you’ll have to download a trial of Office 2016 preview that will be usable for sometime after which you’ll either need to buy an Office 365 subscription or go back to your current Office setup using your old product key. For Office 365 users, nothing stands on your way, explore!