Microsoft Releases Office For Android Tablet Preview, Updates Office for iPad, iPhone

Office for Android Tablet Preview

Office for Android Tablet PreviewIn the quest to remain the king of productivity, Microsoft expanded the reach that their quite popular software Microsoft Office. They announced Office for Android Tablets on Preview mode. While at it they also announced new Office for iPhone app and an updated Office for iPad app. This is a good move, coming quite hot on the heels of Microsoft getting cozy with Dropbox.

So what’s interesting about the new developments?

Starting today, anyone can sign up for Office for Android tablet preview with a general availability of 2015. This is Microsoft’s way of telling you that, you know what, you don’t have to come to us, we will come to you. This is in regards to cross-platform service availability. Guess Microsoft reminded themselves internally that they are a software company and inorder to effectively compete with Google and other rivals, become that service provider that is available across all platforms.

This is also quite important in their policy of cloud first, mobile first. Interoperability goes a long way. If you see Microsoft’s share of platform use outside of PC then you will see they need to provide service and solutions across devices and platforms. And this is a clear winner.

Microsoft also announced that Office for iPad will get more useful with ability to view and present Powerpoint from the iPad and Windows tablets. They added optimization for touch in these two device categories to position themselves for the ever increasing use of tablets in the market. Of course with them polishing productivity alongside others we will see the tablet get center-stage among productivity devices.

Office for iPhone also got an update so you can view and edit your documents, insert tables and charts on Excel, and also a new presenter view in the Powerpoint app for iPhone. Oh, and you won’t need to be an Office 365 subscriber to edit documents on the Office for iPad and iPhone this time round. The apps are available for download from the store and you can sign up for the preview of Android for tablet here.