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how to find mobile networks in Kenya

Locate Cell Towers and Test 4G/5G Presence of All Networks in Kenya

As the pandemic's shadow starts to lift across the world to be forgotten forever (hopefully), it leaves an enduring mark of digital transformation in...
kenyans enjoy faster lte speeds than Wi-Fi

Kenyans Enjoy Faster Speeds on Mobile Than on WiFi

There are two popular ways people connect to the internet using their Internet ready devices: WiFi or mobile networks. The installed Wi-Fi could be...
Safaricom 2G/3G/4G signal strength in Kenya

OpenSignal Maps Shows The Signal Strength Users Experience Between Different Carriers In Kenya

OpenSignal has maps showing the signal strength between different carriers in a country and in this case we featured Kenya

Africa Lags Behind in LTE Adoption and Coverage as Asia Leads

LTE (Long Term Evolution) is still relatively new in most parts of Africa. In Kenya, we’re just starting to experience it in parts of...

Fragmentation is Android’s Biggest Blessing as Well as it’s Worst Curse

If we were to ever quantify blessings then Google's mobile operating system would take home the award for most fragmented mobile platform because unlike...

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