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Data Compression App Opera Max Discontinued and Ghosted from the Play Store

Sad news, Opera Max users. The data compression app has been let go by its owners in an abrupt move. Opera Max is one of...

Opera Max Updated to Include Feature That Reports Apps Consuming Data in the Background

One of the most annoying things about smartphones other than their unquenchable thirst for more power/battery is their aggressive data consumption. This may not...

Opera’s Data Compression Software Now Watches Over Streaming Apps as Well

Opera Max is one of the applications that Samsung is bundling on two of its latest entry-level smartphones, the Galaxy J2 and the Galaxy...

Samsung Unveils New Budget Smartphone, Galaxy J2, in India

Samsung hinted to us of plans to expand the number of device options in its budget Galaxy J series not long ago. The said...

Opera Max Brings Data Savings to Android Users

Opera now offers Android devices a way to compress all the data that they receive from the web. A beta version of Opera Max...

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