Opera Max Brings Data Savings to Android Users


Opera now offers Android devices a way to compress all the data that they receive from the web.

A beta version of Opera Max can compress most of the data downloaded to the device from websites, videos, images and data from internet connected apps. This internet data is passed through a VPN (virtual private network) which measures the data coming into your device and passes this on to Opera servers.

Opera says that they are only interested in how much data you use and how much you can save therefore making your data safe. There are some conditions to using this service as Opera will only compress HTTP non-encrypted data with applications using HTTPS and protocols like UDP not making the cut.

To become one of the beta testers, you need to join Opera’s G+ community and dowload the app from the Play Store. The app is currently available in the US Android market only and according to Opera promising it soon coming to other countries and platforms.

Image: Business Insider
Source: Opera

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