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Opera Brings Free VPN to iOS, But We Still Can’t Recommend It

Opera, a known web browser that has been in existence for a very long time, is still being used by millions of people globally...

Opera’s New Desktop Browser Adds Built-In Instagram

Opera has just launched a new version(68) for its desktop browser that now includes Instagram. The company has been renovating its web browser for social...

We Tried Opera Browser’s Best Features and Watched Region-locked Shows on Netflix

My laptop (HP Envy X360 from 2016) is slowly but surely getting old, which implies that some things have not been working as smooth....

[STATEMENT FROM OPERA] Once a Legendary Company, Opera is On the Verge of a Shameful Ending with Fraudulent Loan...

UPDATE FROM OPERA The Company is aware of and has carefully reviewed the report published by the short seller on January 16, 2020. The Company...

Avast and AVG Extensions Kicked out of the Chrome Web Store by Google

Wladimir Palant, the creator of Adblock Plus recently wrote how four extensions from Avast and AVG uploaded detailed browsing profiles of their users. They have...

Opera’s OPay Raises $120 million Series B Funding, Plans to Expand to Kenya

OPay, the fintech company that is located in Nigeria and is a subsidiary of Opera Software has announced that they have raised a $120...
OKash Face Identification

Online Lender Okash Introduces Face Recognition to Secure Loans

Lender Okash has introduced facial recognition as an extra security layer for the loan app. Mobile loan apps convenience present a grey area that...
OPay iPay

Opera Banks On iPay Africa Acquisition to Strengthen Play at Mobile Money

Back in December 2017, Opera Software Group officially took the wraps off OPay, a web-based payments platform. The service would allow users to purchase...
opera announces opera touch

Opera Touch is a New Browser Designed For One Handed Use

Opera has a lot of browsers out there and you probably use them: Opera for desktop, Opera Mini and others. They are capable browsers...
opera cryptomine protection

Opera Adds Native Anti-Cryptomining Tool to Opera Mini and Opera for Android

In this age where we have seen a gold rush in mining the various cryptocurrencies for profit, there has been a trend to jack...
Eddie Ndichu

Opera Opens Kenya Office, Appoints Former KCB Executive as Africa Managing Director

Eddie Ndichu will be Opera’s Managing Director for Fintech Africa starting today. Formerly serving as the Head of Digital Service & Mobile Payments at...

How to Disable Those Annoying Lock screen Ads on Opera Mini

Opera Mini used to be one of the best internet browsers out there, during the days when smartphones had a gig of RAM. Today,...

Here’s How to Watch Apple’s Event on Chrome, Firefox and Opera

As Karissa Bell of Mashable put it, "Apple events also have the distinction of being one of the few occasions where you remember that...
Opera reborn

Opera Announces A New Browser That Is Social Media Focused

Opera is one company that usually churns out different browsers every other day and they continuously update their existing ones with features that you...
Opera Mini

Opera Software Set to Open Offices in Kenya and Nigeria with a New Strategy in Mind

Opera Software, the company behind the much-loved Opera Mini browser, is working towards opening offices in Kenya and Nigeria. The company already has offices...

Opera Web Browser for Android Gets Material Design in Latest Update

Nothing new but lots of enhancements to please the eyes.

Opera Sync May Have Been Hacked, Opera Advises Users to Change Passwords

Check if you are affected and take the appropriate action.

Opera Launches a Free Unlimited VPN App on the Play Store

Opera has always been one of those companies that release really welcome products for the masses and it is well known for its browsers....

Opera Trolls Microsoft Edge Using Facts Over Battery Life

There has been a battle between the major PC browsers and it is due to one critical issue: Battery life. Opera kick-started the browser...

Microsoft Wants to Convince You Edge is the Least Power Hungry Browser

  If you have a PC, one of the activities you will be engaged in is browsing the web and this means that you have...

Opera is now 50% more efficient than Chrome thanks to its power saving mode

Opera is on a roll. The company which is famous for its desktop and mobile browsers announced a very cool mode on its developer...

Opera has integrated a free unlimited VPN in its browser

Opera is one company we know very well thanks to their popular browsers. If you had a feature phone, you may have used Opera...

Opera Max Updated to Include Feature That Reports Apps Consuming Data in the Background

One of the most annoying things about smartphones other than their unquenchable thirst for more power/battery is their aggressive data consumption. This may not...

Opera’s Data Compression Software Now Watches Over Streaming Apps as Well

Opera Max is one of the applications that Samsung is bundling on two of its latest entry-level smartphones, the Galaxy J2 and the Galaxy...

Opera Gets New Logo and Name as it Rebrands

Opera, the makers of popular mobile browser Opera mini and other products, has undergone a rebrand that has seen it shed off most of...

Opera Mini for Android Finally Goes Slow on Web Page Compression with New Mode

Opera Mini is popular. Very popular. Infact it is the preferred web browser for most people visiting techweez.com. Why? Opera mini gets what the...

Maker of Opera Browser Looking for Strategic Partner, Buyout on the Cards

Once upon a time Opera mini was another name for mobile browser. Today, the once popular mobile internet browser and its siblings like...

Opera Mini comes to Windows Phone, now available in beta

When I'm using a Windows Phone device, I've always had one other alternative to Internet Explorer since there's no Chrome or Firefox to run...

Opera Mini to become default browser in Microsoft’s Series 30, 40 and Asha feature phones

Two months ago, when Microsoft introduced what was to become the last of the Nokia X series of Android low end smartphones from its...

Opera is now the default browser on Nokia X devices

The Nokia X2 was made official yesterday, four months after the first generation X devices were announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain....

Opera Max Brings Data Savings to Android Users

Opera now offers Android devices a way to compress all the data that they receive from the web. A beta version of Opera Max...
Opera logo

Airtel to launch Opera Web Pass in Africa

Opera Software and Airtel are partnering for the launch of Opera Web Pass for customers across 17 countries in Africa. Opera Web Pass allows...

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