Opera is now the default browser on Nokia X devices


The Nokia X2 was made official yesterday, four months after the first generation X devices were announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The Nokia X came with its own unique web browser  however, from now on, it is official that Opera will be the default browser all across the X platform.

Nokia X browser 3

The announcement was made by Opera moments after the Nokia X2 was announced and early hands-on reports indicate that it is indeed the case. Opera cites features of its browser like Turbo speed and the discover and speed dial features as handy when it comes to usability. The Turbo feature is very much in line with Nokia browser’s own data compression feature which is critical considering who the target market for this phone is.

Opera has been available on the X’s dedicated Nokia Store right from the start and this just places it at the centre of things.



Photo: XDA