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Nokia X Dual SIM

The Rise And Fall Of The Word “Fastlane”, And Other Nokia Stories

A few months back, fastlane, Asha Platform, Nokia X Platform, Porting Android Apps, Smartphone like experience and fastlane to Android apps were quite huge...
Nokia X Homescreen Switch

First Generation Nokia X Gets Update; Brings App Switching Among Others

Microsoft Mobile (or what you have for the longest time known as Nokia) today announced the update for first generation Nokia X platform devices....
Microsoft headquarters

Microsoft to focus on budget Windows Phone powered Lumias, ends dalliance with Android

Microsoft is in the process of making sweeping changes that include an internal reorganization of the company that will see 18,000 employees exit the...
Jussi Nevanlinna

Nokia Vice President Says Nokia X Range Good Market Performance Warranted Fast Upgrade

The Nokia X2 came out quite fast after the first version, the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL at just four months down...

Opera is now the default browser on Nokia X devices

The Nokia X2 was made official yesterday, four months after the first generation X devices were announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain....

Microsoft Reworks X Platform; Launches Second Generation Nokia X2

Sporting a shiny translucent plastic on the outside and twice the amount of RAM under the hood and a front-facing camera to boot, the...
Conversations teaser 2

2 Possible Explanations Into Nokia’s Teaser for Tomorrow’s Announcement

Nokia has been teasing of an announcement coming tomorrow early morning London time. This has been characterized by a timer in green with an...
Nokia X

Why Nokia Has No Plans To Let You Use Google Services On Nokia X

Nokia (It was still Nokia then) launched the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL at Mobile World Congress earlier in the year...
Nokia X2 Screenshot

New Nokia X2 With Upgraded Specifications coming up?

Nokia X is the device launched by Nokia earlier in the year to counter the critics who felt that Nokia was missing out on...

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