2 Possible Explanations Into Nokia’s Teaser for Tomorrow’s Announcement

Conversations teaser 2

Conversations teaser 2Nokia has been teasing of an announcement coming tomorrow early morning London time. This has been characterized by a timer in green with an accompanying image, also in green that is aimed at creating a mystery around the new announcement of tomorrow. Let me take you back a little bit. Nokia was supposed to announce the second Nokia X somewhere in South East Asia in the last week this month. I understand the venue wasn’t a definite after some political unrest in some South East Asia country close to the matter.

Going by that you can easily tell that the announcement wasn’t going to be a top of the range announcement, but something in the mass market range. The Nokia X2 has been mentioned over and over in the interwebs, though quite close to the announcement of the Nokia X, there are reasons why this makes sense to announce this early. And this leads me to the possible explanations to the message in the Nokia blog teaser:

“Sometimes we have to go back, to move forward”.

Nokia to overhaul the design of the Nokia X hardware and software

This is one very possible scenario, going by the way Nokia did with the Asha platform and Microsoft did with the Windows Phone platforms, I think Nokia went back to the drawing board. Remember when Nokia had the first Series 40 based Asha OS? Then came the merge of Series 40 and Smarterphone to get the new Asha platform that the 500 range of Asha comes running?

Microsoft on the other hand had to rework the Windows phone OS from the Windows 7.5, to 7.8 to Windows 8 that was built from the ground up to get things done right for mobile, resulting to things like this.

Nokia could also be feeling the same way for Nokia X, both hardware and software to rework it after reviews and feedback had a consensus that there stood a gap somewhere in terms of user experience. Nokia X was targeted at the immigrant from feature phones, forgetting the one who came from similarly low cost Android phone that already had a superior experience. Remember Google’s Android has had years of work and refinement.

Hardware too is expected to receive a slight change with the Nokia X getting a home button/key, a thing that was an actual oversight with Noki deciding to put in the home key function and the back function in one button, and the menu button being replaced by a swipe to Fastlane.

Nokia X2 comes again

Nokia X2

Remember this phone from back in the day? This is the Nokia X2, a Series 40 feature phone. This is the lesser of the possible explanation that holds little water but an explanation nonetheless. Nokia X2 might get the same name meaning rebirth of the Nokia X2 that from the old one of the bullet stopping fame. We have a few hours to find out, so stay around and we will be covering the announcements of the day as they happen tomorrow. As usual should you have any opinion or other explanation to this, do not hesitate to sound us off in the comments section below.

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