Current Windows Phone 7 devices not getting Windows 8

Windows phone 8

Windows phone 8And the news many have been dreading to hear is finally out. If you have a device running Windows Phone 7 and it’s variations, you aint getting Windows phone 8 anytime soon. Microsoft has just announced Apollo and the nice things that it comes with, but devices already in production will only get an upgrade of Windows 7, named Windows phone 7.8. The upgrade will be a Wi-Fi update giving the Windows 8 start screen. Atleast users will get this almost uniformly, since the update will bypass carriers. But that does not cover the fact that the devices in the market, sold or unsold wont be getting all these heavenly features Apollo has.

Also worth noting, Windows phone 7.5 devices have only launched in around 50 markets, meaning that more of these would just want to get the new devices running Apollo as opposed to buying an “Outdated device”

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