Opera Mini comes to Windows Phone, now available in beta


When I’m using a Windows Phone device, I’ve always had one other alternative to Internet Explorer since there’s no Chrome or Firefox to run to: UC Browser. Now there’ll be another that I use frequently moreso when I’m using my aged Android devices that can’t withstand the power-hungry Chrome: Opera Mini. Yes, Opera Mini is now available on Windows Phone as a public beta release.

No one expects it to deliver the exact same experience as it does on other platforms like the X platform or Nokia’s Series 30 & 40 and Asha platforms but it can only get better from here on.

Opera has recently partnered with Microsoft to make Opera the default browser on the Nokia X platform devices starting with the Nokia X2 and recently even moved to replace the Xpress browser in Nokia’s Asha and Series 40 devices with Opera Mini.

The application is available for download on the Windows Phone Store and if you have used Opera Mini before on other platforms, it retains the same interface so you won’t be exploring new lands.


Source: WPCentral

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