Kenyan Women Buy More Expensive Data Bundles than Men – Report


Credit: Antony Njoro

Kenya has over 40 million Internet users, which is a huge percentage of the current population. This has been made possible thanks to the advancement in rollout of 3G and 4G across the country by carriers and the laying of fibre optic cables that provide fast Internet access.

In Kenya, telcos offer different data bundle subscriptions at various price points. We know that we use quite a lot of money on data bundles, but a statistic that has alluded us is the variation of spending between the genders and that is what Opera found out.

Opera ran a survey among 1500 women and men aged 14-44 in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa in May this year, where they seeked to learn about their web browsing habits on their phones.

The study revealed that women in these countries are as tech savvy as men when it came to browsing the Internet using their phones. Women also use the Internet to empower themselves by engaging in online content that improves on their lives like health, economy, education, property rights and public services.

The most interesting statistic was in the money spent on monthly mobile data packages in Kenya. According to the report, nearly half of female respondents in Kenya said they spend over KES 1000 to buy data plans, unlike their male counterparts (a third). They also lead when it comes to buying more expensive bundles where 5 times more women buy 10GB bundles than men.

When it comes to content being searched on the Internet, women lead men when it comes to shopping and blogs. Kenyan women are interested in entertainment and gossip, lifestyle, music, travel, health, education and much more as shown in this graph.

You can check the entire report here.