Opera Web Browser for Android Gets Material Design in Latest Update



Over two years since Google started rolling out the new Android design guidelines popularly known as Material Design, the Opera web browser Android app is finally catching up.

Alongside the switch to Google’s Material Design guidelines, the app has also picked up several other enhancements (just enhancements, feature-wise there’s nothing much).

On the start page, the Speed Dial moves to the left side of the carousel while the news feed takes the right. The news feed now features a “reader mode” which essentially cuts out any clutter in the news items displayed resulting in them loading much faster when accessed.

A quick access panel at the bottom of the browser page is where users can access quick shortcuts to one’s personal corner, where all articles saved for later offline reading, bookmarks, settings and more can be found. As has been the case before, a shortcut to this is available as a three-dot menu in the top right corner of the browser when one is on a web page.

Opera has been adding several features to its browsers on both the web and mobile recently. Its desktop web browser is now one of the few that won’t drain your battery fast while Opera mini, the popular smaller alternative to the main mobile browser, now allows users to download videos for offline viewing later instead of just compressing video to save on data. All Opera browsers already have built-in ad blockers while a separate VPN app exists on mobile to protect user privacy (it is built in on the desktop browser now).

The changes are being rolled out via an update to the Opera app to both smartphones and tablets gradually (so it may be a while before you actually see them).

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