Opera’s New Desktop Browser Adds Built-In Instagram


Opera has just launched a new version(68) for its desktop browser that now includes Instagram.

The company has been renovating its web browser for social media browsing by including popular social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram on the browser’s sidebar thus reducing the need to access multiple tabs or get extensions.

Opera has noticed that its users are accessing the messaging apps on its sidebar more frequently especially with stay at home orders and social distancing in place to connect with friends, family and colleagues.

With Instagram bringing most of its app-only features to its web platform such as DMs, Stories and live streams, Opera has now added Instagram on its sidebar with the launch of its new browser.Opera Instagram Stories

Here’s how to enable Instagram on Opera’s browser

Opera’s sidebar has the Instagram icon that you can click. You’ll have to log in yo your Instagram account and then go about scrolling through your feed, access messages or Instastories.Opera Instagram Messages

Don’t forget to protect your privacy and stay secure on Instagram with these handy tips.

Another Opera feature worth mentioning is Workspaces that lets you manage different projects, whether they are work-related or personal, from the same browser window.

Workspaces which was launched in February can also be accessed on the sidebar and allows you to group tabs in up to five separate workspaces. The browser also lets you customize their icons and names.

Last year, Opera’s PC user base reported an 11% growth to 68 million with March seeing an increase to 73 million monthly active users.

What they are saying

“People like to have the choice of which social media platforms to use and on which device to access them. We are integrating Instagram to give them better access to their friends and loved ones and for them to have the convenience of using a large display and keyboard to watch Instastories or write comments and DMs,” said Maciej Kocemba, product director at Opera.

“We have found that social media was one of the main reasons people were getting distracted and constantly checking their phones, but right now desktop browsing is striking back. People can finally put down their phones. Using Instagram in Opera is more enjoyable, and doesn’t make you lose focus,” added Maciej Kocemba.

Download the new browser here.

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