Opera Brings Free VPN to iOS, But We Still Can’t Recommend It


Opera, a known web browser that has been in existence for a very long time, is still being used by millions of people globally on both desktop computers and mobile devices – even at a time when newer and more capable browsers have been launched and overtaken it in terms of market share.

While there are safer and more private options available, Opera sets itself apart from its competitors by having a built-in Virtual Private Network (VPN). Theoretically, a VPN establishes a secure and encrypted connection that hides a user’s information, thereby boosting their security and privacy. However, Opera VPN does not quite achieve this.

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This VPN service has been available on all platforms – save for iOS. However, a message from the company has revealed that iOS users can finally enjoy this VPN service, at least in the context of what I am about to explain.

See, Opera says its VPN is the best free VPN and claims it won’t log your activity, improving security and privacy. However, this is misleading because the Opera VPN does not establish an encrypted connection between your computer and the internet, making it more like a browser proxy.

Specifically, Opera VPN uses AES-256 encryption, which is military-grade, but it doesn’t use a secure VPN protocol like OpenVPN, Wireguard, or SoftEther. Using the standard TLS encryption protocol instead exposes users to unnecessary risk. This means that this VPN may offer some privacy, but it does not provide the same level of security as a regular VPN.

We stopped bothering about the service because Opera VPN is useless for torrenting, email applications, or watching Netflix (we have tested this before – and it does not work for shows that have been geo-locked, although mileage may vary for different users). It only encrypts browser traffic, which is a positive thing. However, the privacy policy raises concerns that the data collected by the browser itself negates any benefits of using Opera VPN.

On the bright side of things, Opera offers a Pro version of its VPN, which is more affordable than what the competition has.