Opera Launches a Free Unlimited VPN App on the Play Store


Opera VPN for Android

Opera has always been one of those companies that release really welcome products for the masses and it is well known for its browsers. VPNs are not new on the browser space and are usually done by third parties since the demand is quite huge and users are usually charged for full use of the service.

However, Opera has had other ideas about offering VPN services. On May this year, they launched a free unlimited VPN service on the App Store, an in-app VPN service on their desktop browser and now they are doing the same for Android.

The cool thing about it is that the VPN is free, does not have data restrictions and does not need some form of restriction which on paper is what everybody looks for in a VPN. This looks too good to be true and would mean that there could be some strings attached. Apparently in order to cover the cost of providing the free VPN service, Opera will show ads and collect data. The last part could be frightening in this age where privacy is all but a blur but according to the company, they would only collect data of “how a large group of people use their phones.”

Nevertheless, if you still want to use the app, you will be glad to know that it will allow you to seem like you are in either Singapore, Netherlands, US, Germany or Canada. It will also have the ability to show you how secure your WiFi network is and an in-app ad blocker to prevent advertisers from tracking you.

If you want to try the app, check it out here.