Opera Confirms They Have Abandoned Updating Its iOS Browsers



I really like Opera browsers. The company is this radical institution that churns out browsers that are on every platform imaginable and really compete well with the competition. Currently, I use the latest Opera browser and it is way better than Chrome in some instances, but mobile is another story.

Opera has been dominating the mobile browser game for a while now and it is thanks to its data saving features that are baked on its apps like Opera Mini. It is available in Android, iOS and Windows Phone and it is used by people who are conscious about their data usage, which is not the case when you compare it with Chrome for example.

Now betanews reached out to Opera about the state of development of the browser for iOS and they replied with a rather startling statement which is shown by the following tweet.

The reporter had noticed that the Opera browsers for iOS had not been updated in 2017, which is an odd thing. When he asked the company why they did that, a spokesperson by the name Rosi revealed that the company does not have a team working on iOS and that is why there were no updates.

Opera Coast for iOS was last updated on December last year, which is 6 months ago and Opera Mini is even worse (11 months ago). This means that iOS users who would want to use a third party browser would have to use the likes of Firefox or Chrome if they don’t like using Safari.

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  1. Opera was good until 2016. There after, UC browser been my All time browser. There’s nothing you cant do without it. You can even pause downloads turn off phone then switch back & continue where it stopped without any errors

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