Opera Mini for Android Updated With Support for Downloading Videos for Offline Viewing

Finally an easy way to download all those Facebook videos



Opera mini, the browser that minds your data usage, has been updated to even cater better for its users when viewing videos on their Android devices.

Videos uploaded on social media platforms like Facebook as well as other video-sharing sites can be downloaded on a user’s Android device and saved for later viewing thanks to an update that Opera has started rolling out today.

The videos can even be saved on a device’s external storage (SD card).


At a glance, here’s how it works using Facebook as an example:

  • Update your Opera mini app through the Play Store and open it
  • Go to Facebook.com and scroll through for any video that your friends or followed pages have shared
  • Click the play button
  • You will immediately be presented with an option to save the video. You can even choose where exactly you want the video saved (folder)

In a case where you have opted to just play the video, you can still go back and save it for offline viewing.

We have seen quite a number of moves towards making viewing videos offline possible. YouTube has rolled out the feature and made it available in various markets like Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, India and South Africa. In the developed world, one needs a YouTube Red subscription in order to do the same.

However, Opera mini’s offline video-saving will work everywhere in the world for everyone. Well, at least Android users.


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