Opera Touch is a New Browser Designed For One Handed Use

opera announces opera touch

opera announces opera touch

Opera has a lot of browsers out there and you probably use them: Opera for desktop, Opera Mini and others. They are capable browsers and give you native features you dont find in other browsers like an inbuilt VPN, in built ad blocking and also an anti crypto mining tool.

Well today they have announced yet another browser, which they called it Opera Touch and  it is quite interesting.

They claim Opera Touch is a brand new mobile web browser that was designed to be used on the move with just one hand. This is interesting since we have moved from having relatively small phones as standard to now having huge phones that need both hands to use comfortably.

Opera is targeting Opera Touch for the person who is on the move and would like also to browse the web. They did some research in the US and they found out 86% of people prefer holding their phones with one hand, so they created Opera Touch with these kind of people in mind.

To make this happen, they had to reorganize key features. They moved the browsers key functions within your thumb’s reach. They have a Fast Action Button (FAB)at the bottom which allows you direct access to your most recent tabs and search features. You can also use the FAB to close tabs with it.

They also have a feature called flow which allows you to sync stuff like videos, links and images to yourself between mobile and PC browser. This feature can prove to be useful for those people that find stuff over the Internet and would like to see them later. Opera says Flow is encrypted which involves you scanning a QR code displayed on your Opera browser in your computer when setting up.

This new browser is available for Android on Google Play and they say it will be available on iOS ‘soon.’