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How the Switch by Interswitch Works

Transactions are basically defined as business processes with starting points and end-points. They have specific activities and timelines, through which these transactions take place...

Who is InterSwitch East Africa?

In October, a prepaid debit card called Verve launched in the market. The launch of the card also marked the announcement of a partnership...

Here is What Interswitch plans for the East African Market

In Kenya, if you are looking to withdraw money from your bank account but cannot find your bank's ATM, you are likely to look...
Mobikash Pesapoint

Mobikash joins the Pesapoint withdrawal bandwagon

Systems interoperability is one of the ways the end-user gains from adopting new technology, if its present the user can have freedom of choice...
Dr. Martin Otieno Odour, Bernard Matthewman

Pesapoint hits the 600 ATMs milestone, Banks embracing interconnection

Sharing infrastructure to save on operation costs is a sensible idea, an example is what banks did with Pesapoint ATMS. It makes bank increase...