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Pornhub Has Nuked All Content From Unverified Uploaders

Pornhub is deleting all videos on its platform that were uploaded by unverified users. The giant adult video site will now only allow uploads...
pornhub wants to buy tumblr

PornHub is Interested to Buy a Former Porn Haven

Last year, Tumblr decided to ban porn on its social network which was an unprecedented move. The social network was infamously known for its...
April Fools Day

Top 5 April Fool’s Day 2018 Pranks by Corporates Around the World

April Fool's Day is the defacto pull a prank day and in the recent past, the pranks have moved from just between friends to...

Here are Five of the Best April Fools’ Tech Pranks of 2017

Saturday was April Fool's day, if you did not get the memo. As usual, tech companies did not let the opportunity pass them by. You...

Pornhub Wants To Buy Vine

Well well well...Pornhub apparently wants to buy Vine as shown in a letter that was addressed to Twitter's CEO
Porn Hub

You could save a boob by watching pornhub videos

October is breast cancer month, and all month long there is a campaign globally to sensitize people get tested for breast cancer.  This is...

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