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How To Stop Your SIM Card From Illegal Replacement At M-PESA Agents

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has been asking Kenyans to re-confirm their SIM details so that they don’t get switched off as soon...

Law Proposes Tracing SIM Registration Agents and Limit On SIM Cards For One Person

The SIM card re-registration exercise is still going on. We have since detailed how users can ensure that their lines are properly documented, and...

Complete Guide To Confirming SIM Details For Safaricom, Faiba, Telkom, and Airtel Kenya

The SIM card registration exercise was supposed to end in Mid-April this year. However, following public outcry about the registration process, and the issues...

A Perspective To The Rise Of SIM Card Re-registration

The SIM card registration or re-registration exercise has been an issue among millions of Kenyans. It is a process that is not limited to...

JTL: Faiba Mobile SIM Registration Fully CA Compliant

The Communication Authority of Kenya has been calling Kenya telcos to validate their subscriber details ahead of the April 15th deadline. As of Sunday,...

App Acquisitision Channel for SIM Registration Slows Down Mobile Subcsriptions in Kenya

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has revealed the latest sector statistics for the Kenyan market. These are the results for Q2 (October to...
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Operators Have Failed to Control Agents on SIM Card Registration – CA Kenya

The purchase, registration, and use of SIM cards has been a menace for regulators and telcos alike. This issue has since been fueled by...
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Uganda Lifts SIM Card Sale Ban Amid Stringent Registration Requirements

Uganda’s ICT regulators and other stakeholders have been tasked to ensure that SIM card purchases and registration processes adhere to strict guidelines. The activity...

Communications Authority of Kenya issues Strict Directive regarding Sim Registration

In 2013, the Kenyan government issued a directive to all Telcos requiring that they register all SIM cards used in Kenya. The directive followed...