JTL: Faiba Mobile SIM Registration Fully CA Compliant


The Communication Authority of Kenya has been calling Kenya telcos to validate their subscriber details ahead of the April 15th deadline.

As of Sunday, Safaricom and Airtel reported that they were 65% compliant and 52% compliant. Telkom Kenya didn’t share their compliance rate.

One service provider missing from the headlines was JTL’s Faiba Mobile.

The telco is now notifying its subscribers that they don’t need to re-register their SIM cards.

“Our SIM registration is fully compliant with the Communication Authority guidelines,’ read the notification being pushed on SMS and on the Faiba app.

[UPDATED] Here’s a List of Smartphones That Work On JTL’s Faiba 4G Network

The Communication Authority of Kenya is enforcing the Kenya Information and Communications (Registration of SIM cards) Regulations, 2015 which requires all mobile operators to collect certain details of their subscribers during registration and update any changes made thereafter to those details.

The National Identity Card is the primary document collected during the registration of a SIM card by a Kenyan.

“We have and continue to comply with its legal mandate of ensuring no SIM card is registered without possession of the relevant registration documents. Therefore meaning that at the point of purchase of our SIM card, these details were captured,” the telco shared.

The regulatory body shared that it wanted this exercise to be continuous throughout to make it easier to retain full documentation of subscriber numbers and details.

Deactivated numbers will need to be reactivated at designated points of sale including official shops and authorized sellers the telcos partner up with. The Authority adds that new SIM card registration will have to be carried out at these designated points of sale.

It’s worth noting that the penalties are heavy for both the service provider and individuals. Operators will be fined Ksh 300,000 per violation(each unregistered user) and if you provide information that is not true, you could be fined up to 6 months in jail.

Airtel and Telkom already offer an online self-help portal so their subscribers can conveniently carry out this activity. [Telkom Kenya PortalAirtel Kenya Portal]

Safaricom users including those in the diaspora can use their self-help portal to update their SIM card registration details.

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