How To Update Your Airtel Kenya SIM Details Online

Airtel Kenya

Kenyans are rushing to telco care centres and their respective agents to re-register their SIM cards. What is the rush for? – you ask.

Mainly, telcos and regulators, in this case the Communications Authority of Kenya, want to update customer details/information.

But what if you have already registered your line, or purchased it in 2021? Well, you have to re-register it. This is because dual or more SIM registrations have been happening, and some of those registrations are illegal.

The existence of fraudlently registered SIM cards means exactly that: their fake owners use them to commit fraud, or crime.

To note, authorities and carriers have been unable, to some extent, to tame the issue for a long period, ergo, the re-registration exercise.

For Airtel Kenya customers, the process can be completed online, and fairly fast.

All you need is your ID, a device that can take clear images of the ID, and of course, your SIM card.

With the documents, take the following steps:

  1. Go to this registration portal.
  2. Enter your Airtel Kenya number. You will receive and OTP that will then verify it.
  3. Enter your ID number.
  4. Upload the front side of your national ID.
  5. Enter the back side of your national ID.
  6. Hit SUBMIT and that is it.

If you do not update these details by 15th April (next week Friday), then your SIM card will have a 30-day window before it is released to market. That means you will effectively lose it.

Happy registration.


  1. Good but the network is completely poor. Very challenging and you can’t rely on it when it comes to an emergency and business.. Imagine in nairobi it’s poor what about reserve… Remote areas… 🤔😱😥

    May be they pull up on it. Thanks

  2. Why the hurry now? Can’t the exercise wait until after elections? why has this been done during election year?

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