How To Stop Your SIM Card From Illegal Replacement At M-PESA Agents


The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has been asking Kenyans to re-confirm their SIM details so that they don’t get switched off as soon as the extended deadline ends at the start of October 2022.

This is important because there are millions of SIM cards that are not properly documented, and others have been fraudulently registered using bogus identification.

It is even more important because such SIM cards are used for illegal activity, including crimes such as kidnapping, mobile money fraud, or even murder.

It, therefore, to some extent, makes sense why the state wants to document all SIM cards. In fact, there is even a law that is being explored that will see that all SIM cards can be traced to M-PESA agents who registered them.

However, what happens with cases of lost IDs, which can be used to register SIM cards fraudulently? How about people who can register SIM cards illegally by colluding with M-PESA agents?

Well, there is a way you can stop that.

First, you can dial *100# and follow the prompts that allow you to report a stolen ID.

This is not all: you can do the same thing by blacklisting your SIM card from being replaced at M-PESA agents. The only solution for you would be doing so from a Safaricom Care Centre/Shop, where it is nearly impossible to get away from fraudulently replacing a SIM card.

This can be done by dialing *100*100#.

We have heard of cases where SIM cards are illegally replaced to access products such as M-PESA/mobile money without the primary owners knowing about it. There are literally thousands of such cases being reported on social media platforms all the time. However, you can now have the power to stop this by dialing the USSD stated above.

While we are at this, have you re-confirmed your SIM details?

You can do so by following this guide. Safaricom customers can also use the mySafaricom app to do so too.

PS: [The code seems to be working for Telkom Kenya too]