App Acquisitision Channel for SIM Registration Slows Down Mobile Subcsriptions in Kenya


The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has revealed the latest sector statistics for the Kenyan market. These are the results for Q2 (October to December 2021) for the 2021/2022 FY.

One of the interesting things we have noted is a slow uptake of mobile subscriptions.

The preceding quarter, which ended in September 2021 recorded 64.89 million active SIM subscriptions.

This quarter, the number has grown to just 65.08 million, representing a measly 0.3 percent jump.

However, there is a reason for this: apparently, the recent move to use app channel for SIM registration has made the exercise a bit stringent in terms of what details are needed when a person is registering for a new SIM card.

The app acquisiton channel ensures that sim card registration records biometric data, which also strictly follows guidelines and regulations shared in the Data Protection Act.

Previously, USSD customer acquisition channels were used.

Overall, here are the details about all local carriers in terms of the number of registered subscriptions under their umbrellas:

In other news, the CA has allowed service providers to properly register SIM cards, especially the ones done by the mobile registration clinics until April 15th. After the deadline, telcos will need to register new sim cards at their official retail shops and service centres.

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