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How Safaricom is Stopping Illegal SIM Card Registration

As ICT regulator continues to encourage Kenyans to go re-register their SIM cards so that information can be updated in existing databases, carriers such...

The SIM Card is 30 Years Old Today

The history of the SI card is long. Very. It is that small chip that we plug into our phones or computers for a...
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How To Confirm If Your ID Has Been Illegally Used to Register Other SIM Cards

It is illegal to have an unregistered SIM card in Kenya. This has been known for a while now, and while stakeholders, including Safaricom and...
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Rwanda Clarifes New Regulations Regarding SIM card Ownership

Rwanda's telecommunications regulatory body, Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA), issued a new directive regarding SIM card use recently. They said that in accordance to a...