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Samsung QLED TVs

Samsung Launches Expensive 8K TVs in Kenya

The TV market is a big deal for home electronics makers such as Samsung. It, still to date, competes with its South Korean rival LG...
Honor Vision

Here is What You Need to Know About Honor Vision TV, Huawei’s First Harmony OS-Powered Device

This week, Huawei unveiled Harmony OS, a new operating system that will be used across a number of IoT devices, in addition to offering...

The LG Cinema 3D Smart TV series Launched in East Africa

At the Sarit Center, today, LG held a media gaming competition to mark the launch of their Cinema 3D Smart TV range in East...

Ubuntu 14.04 to expand its territories to Smartphone, tablets and smart TVs

In recent web news, Mark Shuttle worth, the de facto leader of Ubuntu development, announced that future versions of the OS will be optimized...

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