Samsung Sells 9.65 Million QLED and NEO QLED TVs in 2022, 35m Since 2017 Launch


Samsung makes great TVs, and it sells millions of them across the world every other year. However, this does not mean it doesn’t have any competition, because its home rival, LG, is equally capable, and has been appealing to high-end consumers with awesome sets with leading display technologies and excellent software.

This time around, we have learned that Samsung topped the charts in terms of TV sales in 2022, making it the 17th year in a row the company has ranked first in the TV industry.

It has been focusing on its premium product lineup, including the NEO QLED series.

In 2022, Samsung sold 9.65 million QLED and NEO QLED TVs globally and has sold a total of 35 million units since launching in 2017.

Samsung also had a strong presence in the ultra-large TV market, with a 36.1% and 42.9% market share for TVs over 75-inches and 80-inches respectively.

In the premium TV market priced over $2,500, Samsung had the largest market share by revenue at 48.6%.

History time

Samsung made some impact on the TV market with the release of the Bordeaux TV in 2006. This TV was lightweight and had a sophisticated design, which helped LCD TVs gain widespread popularity.

Samsung’s success continued as they launched their first LED TV in 2009 and Smart TV in 2011.

Over the years, Samsung has continued to introduce innovative technologies to improve picture quality, including the first QLED TV in 2017, which used quantum dot technology to achieve 100% colour volume.

Samsung also introduced the QLED 8K in 2018, followed by the NEO QLED and MICRO LED in 2021, each of which set new industry standards.

Samsung has created new categories of TVs, such as the Lifestyle series, with products like The Serif, The Frame, The Sero, The Terrace, The Premiere, and The Freestyle (this is a projector), which enhance the user experience through innovative designs.


Head of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronics East Africa Ltd, Mr. Sam Odhiambo had the following to say about the global recognition, “Samsung’s commitment to innovation and technology has enabled the brand to deliver superior products and services to our customers, while continuing to drive the industry forward. The business has consistently delivered groundbreaking products that have revolutionized the TV industry, offering consumers an ever-expanding selection of features and functions. As a custodian of the Samsung brand in the East African market, we are honored to have the brand recognized by the global community for this achievement and we can assure the market that Samsung will continue to strive to provide innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers to continue to be the world’s top TV brand for years to come.”


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