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NSO Group Improved Their WhatsApp Spyware, It Can Now Pry Your Google, Facebook and iCloud Data

If you thought the WhatsApp hack by NSO Group early this year was worse, the Israeli company has now improved their spyware to do...

Kenya Government Plans to Monitor Headteachers Phones in Bid to Curb Exam Cheating

Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed has announced that the government plans to monitor the phones of headteachers who will also be taking up the...
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Pegasus, A Government-Sponsored Smartphone Spyware Traced in Kenya

Pegasus, a mobile phone spyware suite that is produced and sold by Israel-based “Cyber Warfare” vendor NSO Group has made it's way to Kenya if...

These Popular Android Apps Have Been Marked as Malware by India’s Government

India's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has blacklisted quite a number of apps on Android's Google Play Store that it terms as either...

Over 500 Apps on the Google Play Store Possibly Infected by Spyware

Mobile security firm Lookout has released a report of their discovery that more than 500 apps of Google Play Store could be infected by...

Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania Among Countries Affected by a Spyware on Android

Some time back, Pegasus made its way on iOS. Pegasus was a spyware that was discovered in iOS in August 2015. Just the other...