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SwiftKey’s New Keyboard Makes You Text Like Shakespeare Would

You may not be so smooth with words and that is why keyboard applications like the ones SwiftKey is well known for making exist....

Microsoft to Acquire Company Behind Popular Keyboard App Swiftkey

Microsoft is acquiring Swiftkey, the company behind a popular iOS and Android keyboard application by the same name. The two companies have in the...

After keyboards, Swiftkey’s experimental team is coming for your home screen

Swiftkey has the honour of having one of the most popular third party keyboards on mobile devices. It is still on edge and won't...

Swiftkey Has A New Keyboard, Clarity, Because Typing Needs More Simplification

Most of us have grown used to Swiftkey keyboard's highly reliable and awesome predictive engine. It is now not just a preserve of Android...

Swiftkey goes free on Android, adds emojis and dedicated number row

If you've been using an Android device for some time now then you've obviously heard of Swiftkey, the most popular alternative keyboard in the...

SwiftKey will soon support emojis and a dedicated number row on top

The above is the Samsung keyboard at the moment that is available on all mid-range and high end Samsung devices. The keyboard is appealing...

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