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M-PESA is Nearing 99 Percent Market Share as T-Kash, Airtel Money Dwindle

Mobile money services are a success in Kenya owing to the work done by operators, mainly Safaricom. The service, and its associated products are...

Once Again, M-PESA Cannibalizes T-Kash and Airtel Money with 98.8 Percent Market Share

The latest numbers from the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) in terms of mobile money use cases are here, and they reiterate what we...
Mobile Money Interoperability

Telkom’s T-Kash Expands Agent Base as M-PESA, Airtel Money Lose Some

The popularity of mobile money services in the Kenyan market is unprecedented. The sector surpassed expectations, and can solely be linked to the launch...

Telkom Hits 100K T-Kash Customers One Year After Launch

The Communication Authority’s Sector Statistics report for the second quarter of the FY 2018/2019 has been out for some time now. It includes several...

Airtel, Telkom Kenya Voice Traffic Up as Mobile Money Subscriptions Approach 30 Million

The Communications Authority of Kenya’s sector statistics report for the first quarter of 2018/2019 was released earlier today. Among the most interesting aspects of...
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Government to Launch New Mobile Money Product, Admits Poor Uptake of Interoperability

On December 8, Safaricom’s M-PESA services were subject to an outage that lasted for a couple of hours. The loss of service for the...

Recent M-PESA Outage a Rude Reminder for Authorities to Review Telco Competition

  While key players in multiple industries have participated in a series of discussions in recent months about the alleged dominance of several products and...
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Businesses Can Now Accept Payments Via Telkom’s T-Kash

Businesses can now accept payments from Telkom Kenya’s mobile finance product, T-Kash. The development will augment Lipa Na M-PESA services that were launched by...
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Telkom Kenya Eyes 5 Million Subscribers as Mobile Money Slacks

Kenya’s ICT watchdog the Communications Authority (CA) released sector statistics for the fourth quarter of the financial year 2017/2018. As usual, the report highlights...
T Kash Launch

M-Pesa to T-Kash Transaction Charges

Since Mobile Money Interoperability was launched in Kenya, we have seen great improvements and even lower prices to send money from one network to...
T Kash Launch

T-Kash to M-Pesa Transaction Charges

Since Mobile Money Interoperability was launched in Kenya, we have seen great improvements and even lower prices to send money from one network to...
T Kash Launch

Reduced T-Kash/MPESA Integration Transaction Fees Are Now Live

Telkom and Safaricom announced the integration of their mobile money products a couple of days ago. The integration development means that sending or receiving...
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Telkom’s T-Kash and M-PESA Integration to See Remarkable Cuts in Transaction Fees

Mobile money services have grown, and will most likely take an upward trajectory in coming days in Kenya. This development was conceptualized more than...
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Mombasa is Yet to Get Bitten by the Mobile Money Bug

The latest stats by the Communication Authority of Kenya reveal that as much as active mobile money subscriptions have taken a shortfall by 3...

M-Pesa Loses Ground on Person-to-Person Money Transfers (UPDATED: NO THEY AREN’T)

UPDATE: The article below was based on figures provided by the Communications Authority of Kenya reporting on the mobile money transactions during the first...
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Telkom Kenya #FormNi50 Promotion Ending Soon as it Targets 4 Million Subscribers

Telkom Kenya has been on a journey to grow its customer base with a variety of products that are curated to fit into the...
Mobile Money Interoperability

Seamless Mobile Money Transactions Between Airtel and Safaricom to Begin Next Week

In January, Safaricom and Airtel announced that they were testing mobile money interoperability among their staff. This meant that M-Pesa users who receive money...
T Kash Launch

How to Transact on Telkom Kenya’s Financial Service, T-Kash

Telkom Kenya introduced its financial product, T-Kash a couple of days ago. The M-PESA and Airtel Money competitor was supposed to go live earlier...
Paul Ndichu

Interswitch to Deploy Mobile Apps and Payment Gateways for Telkom’s T-kash

Yesterday, Telkom Kenya announced T-kash, a mobile money product that has been in development for the past two years. The platform has a lot...
T Kash Launch

Telkom Kenya’s Anticipated Mobile Money Service T-kash Goes Live with T-kash Codes and Much More

Telkom Kenya has finally launched T-Kash mobile money service, built from the ground up for the last several months.

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