Telkom Kenya #FormNi50 Promotion Ending Soon as it Targets 4 Million Subscribers

Telkom Kenya Plaza

Telkom Kenya PlazaTelkom Kenya has been on a journey to grow its customer base with a variety of products that are curated to fit into the lifestyles of Kenyans. The journey, which was started sometime in mid-2017 after the transition from Orange to Telkom, has been marked by key milestones, including the launch of 4G services that made it the second Kenyan telco to offer LTE. Perhaps the most interesting milestone was the launch of T-Kash, the company’s financial services platform on mobile that we have since covered here and here.

The above gains necessitated the launch of #FormNi50 promotion that has been running for the past 40 days since it went live in February May. The campaign was purposely started to net more users, as well as rewarding loyal customers who demonstrated persistent top up habits.

The promotion, which awards entries ranging from 1 to 300 for top ups to the north of KES 20 or double entries for all airtime purchases done via T-Kash, has graced more than 40 users with Toyota Beltas. We also managed to reach out to some winners, who mostly want to dive into e-taxi platforms to derive revenue from their new motorcars.

Since less than 10 cars are available for lucky Telkom customers, it means the promotion is about to conclude after what many would term a success if the buzz created in the dailies and online platforms is anything to go by.

Also, we will be waiting for Kenya’s Communications Authority numbers that highlight progresses and losses made by telcos, among other IT service providers to ascertain if #FormNi50 has made any notable difference in boosting Telkom’s subscriber base from 3.8 million past the 4-million mark.

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