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Facebook Adds 5 New Tools For Admins To Manage Their Groups

This will make running groups much easier on Facebook

Facebook Outs Tools To Fight The Spread Of Revenge Porn

Facebook announced tools to fight revenge porn from spreading

Instagram announces new tools for businesses to populate your feed with ads

Instagram has become of the most important platforms for Facebook and it is thanks to its money minting potential. Over time, Facebook has boosted...

Facebook wants to make your breakups not appear messy online

On Facebook, adding your relationship status has been there for a while now and that simple inclusion has led to breakups in real life...

Facebook’s New Tools Aim to Give Video Publishers More Control

Facebook announced two new tools that will help video publishers have better control of how they are organized and shared on the site....

Winning the Battle with the Exchange Server Tools

There are various Exchange server tools available, which are meant for troubleshooting and managing Microsoft Exchange. These tools are dependent on the working environment....