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Hour glass

This Interactive Website Tries to Explain Visually How we Perceive Time

We have experienced this: As you grow older, time seems to move faster than when you were a kid. Well, there is this...
Exclusive club

This Website Lets You Have “A Moment” Exclusively

The internet is a vast place full of strange things. You get to stumble upon weird projects people do on their spare time. Well,...
Safaricom hosted websites hack

Websites hosted on Safaricom server defaced, Safaricom responds

Hapa Kenya earlier today reported of a "hacking" that happened earlier today where several websites were defaced and a message from a Tunisian guy...

Importance of Internet Marketing for your Online Business!

In Africa at the moment, we are seeing a lot of upcoming websites (especially e-commerce sites). This is good because we are realising that...