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New Build of Windows 10 Technical Preview Mobile Out On Friday

Windows Insiders will be happy to hear that Gabriel Aul (General Manager, Operating Systems Group, Data and Fundamentals Team) today announced that the next...
Windows 10 Phone

Microsoft Adds More Devices to Windows 10 Phone Preview

When Microsoft released the highly anticipated Windows 10 phone technical preview in early February 2015, it was met with rather sever criticism from Microsoft's...

Windows 10 Technical Preview Phones Early Hands On

Windows Insiders got an early Valentine's gift from the Windows Insider program manager, Gabe Aul, when he announced the release of the Windows...
Windows 10 Phones Preview

Windows 10 Technical Preview For Phones Hits Downloads Servers

Microsoft has today announced and released Windows 10 technical preview for Windows insiders. The preview is said to be in very early beta...