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MS Paint lives

MS Paint is Here To Stay, But in a Different Home

MS Paint is not going anywhere

Microsoft’s Windows 10 App Store May Be Down for Some Users: Here’s a Quick Fix

So I was just going about my normal app update routine when I noticed something strange. I got this error upon firing up the...

Windows 10 Makes it Easier to Sync Files Across your Mobile Devices

Windows 10 is here. There's so much about it that we can't possibly tell you everything about it in one sitting. So instead you'll...
mobile phone

Operator Billing Commences In Kenya To Solve The Apps Payments Situation

Something that has been quite overdue for sometime now, third party platforms Operator Billing will soon be a thing in Kenya. Safaricom has been...
Safaricom Store Windows phone

Safaricom App store shows up on Windows Phone devices

Safaricom Store has showed up on some users Windows phone devices in Kenya. This is above and beyond the existing Windows Store and Nokia...

Windows 8 Store reaches 20k apps, 40k eminent by end year

Windows 8 store was unveiled recently after the launch of Windows 8 operating system and devices running it. One of the highlights of the...