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Huawei Issues Demand Letter to the Wall Street Journal Following Damaging Spying Report

Last week, the Wall Street Journal published a story regarding Huawei's hand in helping African leaders gain illegal access to their rivals' information. The...

Huawei Technicians Helped African Leaders Spy on Political Rivals

We had arrived at a point where we thought Huawei was a catching a break from damaging information and deeds: for instance, the U.S....
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Zambia Introduces Internet Calls Tax to Protect Telcos’ Revenue

If you thought Uganda's social media tax was the last you have heard of governments going after over the top services then you are...
zambia mulls social media laws

Zambia Mulls New Laws That Regulate Social Media Use

Zambia is the latest African country that is contemplating social media clampdown
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Zambia Jumps on New Trend to Regulate Online Content as WhatsApp Group Admins and Bloggers Required to Register

Quick question, do you think African leaders have a WhatsApp group where they share terrible ideas? Like seriously, first it was Tanzania - trying to...