Bandwith can take you down

watch your bandwidth

I was just going through real estate company websites in kenya and while at it noticed this.

bandwidth limit exceeded

Know what this means?
Well, either the website developer was ignorant of the clients hosting bandwith need, or the website owner does not know what their hosting involves.
Lemme break it down this way, when your website goes offline because of bandwidth limit exhaustion, this means its been centuries since the last time you logged on to your cpanel, or you probably dont know if one exists. now we all know that if you have a high traffic website, downtime means alot of loss in terms of customer credibility and sales.
Which brings brings me to this:

I start by some jargon explanation, i will assume you don’t know what it is (for the beginner)
Bandwidth, simply put, is data transfer rate.

And having your bandwidth exhausted means the bandwidth you were allocated by your web hosting company is less than you are using in terms of pageloads and downloads.

What are the indicators of bandwith exhaustion?

Bandwidth is refreshed monthly, so you may find a red indicator of bandwidth usage closer to the end of the month. This is the time you should watch closely at your cpanel. Below is the image you see at the back-end of your control panel.

bandwidth exhausted
In the above image you see that my bandwidth is almost exhausted, but i shouldnt worry, this tells me that you people are reading my blog, it also tells me that if the red colour almost closes in to the end i should ask my hosting company to add me some bandwidth, (ofcourse at a cost).

This is a necessary cost as it will save you embarrassment as a webmaster and will also save your employer some costs that would be incurred due to downtime. I would like to also add that the hosting space allocated should also be observed. This will also take you down if you dont watch it. Didnt intend to cover hosting space but i have to bundle it in. Hosting space can be used fast if you got lots of mail or upload alot of images. You either have to regulate those or ask your hosting company to add you some. Am telling you this in case your hosting company did not tell you this.

So you see these are some minor yet critical elements you need to observe when running a website. With time i will try covering all vital points you need to note when running a website. Bye for now


  1. Nice article martin! Website owners need to know through their web hosting company how much bandwidth they’ve been allocated in order to avoid such embarrassing situations mentioned above in your article!

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