Thought you had the best of it? Here’s amua mdogo mdogo by Yu


A swahili saying goes that “Fahali wawili wapiganapo, nyasi huumia” meaning if two bulls fight, the grass gets hurt. Well in this case its different, while the Mobile Service providers are fighting over who will provide the best service, we the users stand to gain.

I say this because Yu, one of the four mobile service providers serving Kenya has introduced “amua mdogo mdogo promotion” , a tariff that will allow subscribers talk for 50 cents a minute. You heard that right, 50 cents a minute fulltime for yu to yu calls. The subscription is Kes.2 per day and subscribers then enjoy the calling rate of 50 cents per minute for that day and night. To enjoy this new offer, yu subscribers have to dial *121#, choose mdogo mdogo and the daily subscription kicks in.

This is the latest addition to the range of innovative and affordable products already being offered by yu including amazing data bundles for web browsing and Zaziada bonus talk time offer which ended on 30th April 2011.

You as the mobile user has alot more choice to make when deciding what service you will use. I must say this one looks juicy.


    • These ISPs are out on a long term plan to get the numbers for money to come. You cant think short term here, when you are already competing with a company that has more than 60% of the marketshare.

    • I also need somebody to talk with, but shouldnt we be feeling good when data gets subsidized instead?

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