University students to chat freely on Yu’s peperusha SMS chat


Students of Kenyatta and Nairobi universities will from the 24th of May be able to chat with their friends and family free through yu’s peperusha SMS Chat Service.. Thanks to Essar’s  vibrant, interactive and youthful brand yuMobile.

Peperusha, is a service that requires no smart phones, internet connections, device upgrades or application downloads for users to send and receive email and online chat messages.

Peperusha further  incorporates popular chat services such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, Windows Live and Gtalk which enables users to send and receive messages and invitations across the digital divide.


According to recent studies conducted by CCK and other research bodies like TNS Research International and Synovate Kenya, usage of internet for email access, chat, and obtaining  knowledge and education  is growing rapidly in Kenya as compared to other countries within the East Africa region.The study also revealed that online development path in Kenya is radically different from many other markets  with 99% growth from 60% of internet access through mobile phones.

yuMobile’s Country Manager, Madhur Taneja asserted that the exciting and interactive sessions with students is a reflection of yuMobile’s commitment to provide consumers with innovative products that are at the same time cheap. Basing on the fact that most youth are tech savvy, yuMobile has a plan to stick to a low cost model strategy to accommodate consumers who cannot afford to buy expensive handset to access such services.


Students will be issued with free yu SIM cards which will be registered, and signed up to the  service. With the help from yuMobile’s customer  experience team, students will be taken through the steps of updating their facebook status or profiles, as well as chat with their friends and families through the peperusha SMS Chat Service. Further, students can earn upto Kshs.50 of airtime, and will be eligible to participate in daily draws where they can win t-shirts and ipods.


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