Yu partners with Kirusa to launch Voice SMS


Yu, one of the Mobile Service Providers in Kenya and Kirusa, a leading global developer of Mobile Value Added Services, have introduced Voice SMS service for Yu mobile subscribers in Kenya.Kirusa
The Voice SMS service is available to all yu subscribers, on all mobile handsets, and allows them to send and reply messages by voice, eliminating the need to type. It enables the subscribers to communicate faster, with greater ease, and convey emotions as compared to limitations imposed by text messages. Use of Voice SMS by mobile subscribers is gaining global traction, for its benefits in enabling people to communicate on the go. Subscribers have to pay 1 KES for sending, replying, or forwarding voice SMS messages.

To use the new service yu subscribers can dial ‘*’ followed by the number of the person they wish to send the message to, and speak a short message for up to 30 seconds in any language. The recipient gets a notification message from the sender and can dial *0* to hear new voice messages. Previously received voice messages can be listened to by dialing *1*. First listen is free. Repeat Listen is priced at 50 cents.