You can now transfer Safaricom bonga points to another phone

Safaricom Bonga points

Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could transfer your bonga points to a friend’s phone and maybe combined you can get a better benefit in terms of bonga points redeeming? Well, wish no more, your wish came true (Disclaimer: Am not a magician, and this is not a hack).
According to Safaricom boss @bobcollymore, you can do that from today.
As you can see that only applies to personal numbers, not to corporates, i guess the boss figures that will leave company secretaries riding high with company redeemed smartphones at their bosses unaware expense. What I am not sure and would really love to know is the procedure of doing that. Because I would have my mind get cheeky and try finding my rich friends and asking for their phones to see their new smartphone……with an evil grin ofcourse.

[UPDATE] @bobcollymore: Bonga points transfer applies to pre- and post-paid. Accessed via short code *126#