Hands on with the Samsung Ch@t 322 dual sim

samsung chat 322

The African and Asian market has come to embrace dual sim phones as a culture now. This is largely due to the various mobile phone operators offering high mobile termination costs and other numerous reasons. China has been taking the big cake of this market with cheap dual sim phones, most of them fake. The said phones have been known to be substandard in quality and are short lived. Thats why i would be happy to use  a dual sim phone that i can believe in.

Samsung chat 322 nicknamed punch, is one of these phones that promises to give value for money to customers of dual sim phones. Samsung is a trusted brand we all agree, and is to many a household name.samsung chat 322
With a qwerty keypad for fast messaging, I would call this the best dual sim phone in the market so far. This is a phone you can use with one hand, a light phone with several dedicated keys for various tasks like messages, internet, dialling, call disconnection, camera, among others. Good thing about it is the optical trackpad, comes in handy because you find this feature in some rather high end phones, and its very responsive. There is two other soft keys that change functionality as you go through various menus of the phone. The alt key on the bottom left of the phone can be used to lock and unlock the keypad by pressing and holding on it, nice one right there.

On the right side there is a button that you press and hold to manage your dual sim card preferences. The camera is 1.3 megapixels, comes with the standard 3.5 mm jack, 2.4 inch tft display and dual standby simcard. Also has a data cable to connect to your computer. The only level of multitasking is limited to music where you can do other stuff except of-course calling when listening to music. Other features are bluetooth 2.1, push email,  memory card slot with memory expandable to 8gb and its a 2G phone. I noticed the bluetooth chat on it, where you can search for a device within normal bluetooth coverage distance and engage in message chat for free. So of you have a meeting and your boss is taking too long to end it you can always discuss with colleagues over bluetooth and decide to look boring for him to adjourn that meeting. I wonder if that would work, am poor at pranks, dont use that one.Samsung Duos

One thing worthy of note is the idle screen that hosts quick links to messaging, mail, chat, music, twitter and facebook. You can also add a list of phone contacts you dial frequently on the homescreen for fast dialling. Open applications like music will automatically take up some space there as well for easy pausing and scrolling through playlist. And yes! It has its own facebook, flickr and twitter clients, so when you tweet you wont need to look for a client, samsung has that figured out for you. The twitter client, has tabs for DMs, mentions and timeline.

This is a very easy to use phone but it has a flipside, the speed of data. Being a 2g GPRS phone, you will find yourself waiting a little longer for the internet response. Get opera mini for a better experience, and since its a java enabled phone, you have some games and apps to boot from the samsung store. Its a bet you can spend money on. 🙂



  1. Great device. Sure’s a cool device esp for one who wants to benefit from two tarrifs, even just biz and personal lines!

  2. What does PH really mean.how does it work in the phone?When i remove the phone for ph or handfree,i can hear the voice of who i called again.Do i have to talk always on handfree and wevery hears my conversstion?What should i do? How do i use the two simcarts,i can only use one right now?

    • For using two sim cards, go to settings, Sim Cards Management, Sim Auto Switch..There is activation, that should allow you set the two sim cards to work together.

      Deactivate the time limits for the sim slots.. 

  3. on my Phone SIM Auto Switch is disabled.. What should i do. When i activate one SIM it disables the other…

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