Saving fellow Kenyans from drought through social media #feedKe #kenyansforKenya

Ahmed Salims #FeedKe
Ahmed Salims

Parts of Kenya have been facing serious ravages from drought. This has affected nutrition of many in the northern drier parts of Kenya, causing even deaths to several. A week ago a kenyan of goodwill Ahmed Salims decided to start a cause where Kenyans would forfeit a meal a day for fellow Kenyans and send the amount, a minimum of Kshs 250 to the mpesa account number 10000 under the #FeedKe Kenya Red Cross Account Name. The target was atleast 10000 kenyans.

Ahmed Salims

A week later he has reported a progress of Kshs 140,880/= collected through the said donations that have been collected from efforts through blogposts and twitter hash tag #FeedKe.

On the other hand, Safaricom and KCB have started another initiative on social media where they are asking people to donate whichever amount they are able to. This has been facilitated better by Integrated Services provider Safaricom by not charging any fee for the donations sent to M-PESA PayBill number 111111. For those willing to go to the bank they can donate via KCB A/c No.1133333338. With this option, donations are open from a minimum of Kshs 10.

However, there has been concerns on twitter as to why the latter entrants to the campaign did not just join into the existing one by Salim.But Kenya Red Cross has tweeted to confirm that both initiatives move together.