Nokia launches two dual-sim phones in Kenya, Nokia C2-00 and X1-01

Nokia C2-00 dual sim phone
Nokia C2-00 dual sim phone

Nokia, earlier today announced the launch of two dual sim phones to the Kenyan market. These being the Nokia C2-00 and the Nokia X1-01. The two are series 30 phones with beautiful icons for the dual sim phones market, which is mainly dominated by Chinese phones. The two dual sim  card phones have more memory capacity as compared to many of the phones in the class. One great feature is the ability to remember sim settings for upto 5 separate sim cards, each of which can be personalized with a dedicated name as well as preferred call, SMS or data settings. Only Nokia can offer this level of convenience in Dual SIM phones. In a twitter campaign dubbed #dabodaboKE, the discussion was soon taken up on twitter with a good level of engagement about the two phones and their capabilities.

Nokia X1-01

Nokia X1-01 Dual sim phone

The Nokia X1-01 dual sim phone allows one to brand each sim card with a unique logo and ringtone. The dual sim phone can support upto 16 gb memory, so with its good music features you can have a huge playlist of music. This coupled up with the Nokia dedicated music keys give the user a good music experience, that and a 36 hours battery life.

Nokia C2-00 dual sim phone

Nokia C2-00 dual sim phone
Nokia C2-00 dual sim phone

The unique point about this one is the easy swap dual sim capability, meaning you can change sim cards without the need to switch or restart the phone. The easy swap is made possible by the fact that one of the sim card slots is on the side, and the phone remembers settings of 5 sim cards, so there wont be a need to restart like what happens with the nokia N8 to get sim settings. This phone has a memory capability of handling upto 32 gb via SD.

They will both retail at between Kshs 3,200-3,500 for the X1-01 and between Kshs 6.000-6,500 for the C2-00.


  1. i need a Nokia phone which can take dual sim and at the same time is 3G enabled. where can i find it in Nairobi

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