1.5GHz dualcore Sony Ericsson Nozomi coming in 2012

Sony ericsson nozomi

Unofficial details are out regarding a 1.5 GHz dual core Sony Ericsson Nozomi coming in a few months. According to Xperia Blog, this will be the hero phone for Sony ericsson.

With a 4.3 inch 1280×720 resolution display, 1GB ram and 32 GB internal storage, this will be the first phone from Sony Ericsson to come with micro sim capability.A down-side to it is that there will be no micro-Sim option. N9? No details regarding HDMI or usb on the go, but it seems that mobile phone companies are making their “hero devices” to be either/or micro-sim and non-microSD. Read Nokia N9 and iPhone 4.

But this will be the fastest device they will have produced so far, with xperia arc ans xperia arc s being the currently hot devices from Sony Ericsson.



  1. I like what you guys are doing here.I am Reuben G, a system annalist.Technology inspires me a lot too and yearn to venture into this sophisticated yet inspiring field…..
    Good job Martin


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