Android App Review: IDEOS u8150 Series (Prologue)

Huawei IDEOS: u8150 Smartphone

The overwhelmingly sharp rise in popularity of smartphones in recent years probably goes without saying. But when it comes to the African Mobile Market and more specifically in Kenya, nothing quite stands out as much as the recent availability of a new range of devices offered at relatively modest prices. Particularly in the case of the “IDEOS u8150 smartphone”.

Couple that with a strategic partnership between communications devices manufacturer HUAWEI and Kenya’s leading Communications Service Provider Safaricom Ltd. A greater percentage of Mobile Device Users finally have access to a richer and vastly more interactive “mobile experience”.

A probable assumption with regards to “Mobile Device Users/Smartphones” demographic ratio would then peg the IDEOS u8150 as the most widely owned/sold smartphone in Kenya. With it’s current retail price of Ksh. 7,999/=, arguably one of, if not the lowest recorded retail price globally for the device. A statistical outcome of 8  of every 10 smartphone users being IDEOS u8150 owners isn’t that far fetched.

This in turn gives rise to a large and common audience whom are inevitably bound as far as the smartphone user experience goes, be it satisfaction with the device’s performance or as a result of frustration due to inherent shortcomings to which all of technology is susceptible.

Thus the aim of the “IDEOS u8150 Series” is to interact with IDEOS u8150 users, share tips, review apps and also in part offer solutions or work-arounds depending on a particular issue. Ultimately aiming to maximize the “IDEOS u8150” smartphone’s relative performance & user experience.


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