Qt SDK updated to 1.1.3


Qt SDK updated to 1.1.3Qt SDK has been updated to version 1.1.3 so that Qt mobile developers can have a shot at developing Qt and Qt Quick apps for the Nokia N9, already in the market, as you all know its Qt based. The same apps can be used for Symbian Belle phones and Symbian Anna ones.

Here are the details of the update according to Qt Blog

SDK update

To align with the Nokia N9 release, an online update for Qt SDK 1.1.3 was made available today.

It introduces the following improvements:
•    Updated Harmattan target, Beta2, to correspond to the most recent public firmware release of Nokia N950 Developer Device. This version of the target is still considered experimental, but it can be used for developing apps for Nokia N9.
•    Qt Creator 2.3.1, with support for app booster for N9 software and fixes for Symbian on-device debugging (CODA).
•    Fix to ensure that Qt Quick components work in the Simulator for software targeting the Nokia N9 smartphone and Symbian phones.
•    Symbian Complementary package improvements with an updated qmlviewer.sis for Qt 4.7.4 and NFC support in the  QtMobility 1.2 sis file.

Developers can obtain this update by running the Update tool of the Qt SDK.