Meet Binu, the near perfect smartphone experience on feature phones



More people will access the internet via feature phones than smartphones by 2015 if we were to go with a prediction by analysts at Gartner. And with internet users still relying on clumsy, expensive browser based connections for their feature phones comes a need to develop a better solution. Hence biNu came by. Two Australians, Gour Lentell and Dave Turner developed biNu, in 2008. biNu is a software platform that enables mobile phones to access Internet applications and services with near instant response times—even on slow or congested networks. For developers, the biNu platform enables mobile Internet applications to be developed quickly and easily using existing development tools and methods. For consumers, the free mobile biNu platform provides quick and easy access to a world of biNu performance-optimized apps.

Binu enables mobile phone users to access the economic, educational and social benefit of the Internet without owning a computer.

Advantages that biNu provides:

  • biNu uses the cloud – Full use of the cloud for application processing with minimal dependency on the processing capacity of a mobile phone means that even low-end mobile phones can benefit from biNu optimized performance.
  • biNu is optimized – The applications available on biNu’s platform are specifically optimized for each type of phone downloading content. The platform recognizes everything from screen size to memory capacity to deliver the fastest user experience as possible.
  • biNu is open – biNu’s open development platform means that apps are optimized quickly and easily, benefitting app providers and creating an ever-increasing pool of apps for biNu users.
  • biNu is simple – Developers do not need any knowledge of mobile device platforms such as Series 40, Android, or Blackberry to develop apps on the biNu platform since each type of software is provided by biNu.

biNu offers lightning-speed access in any language to web based services like sms and messaging, social sites, search engines, blogs, dictionary, sports sites, exchange rates, job listings, health, business, entertainment, technology, lifestyle and science channels. The platform has 16 million apps downloads with the push from Nokia store and has been accessed from 180 cvountries, 154 million pageviews  on the biNu site. biNu recently announced version 3.2 3.2 of the biNu mobile platform for Series 40 (Java), Symbian (Java), Android,  and Blackberry, delivering a smartphone-like user interface and a blistering fast experience even on otherwise congested networks.

See the list of biNu apps on Nokia store, and a video overview of biNu in action below.